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Heather Tristan is originally from south Texas, but she has spent the last decade-plus traveling the world with her husband and three children, documenting her journey with captivating images of rarely-seen exotic locales.

One of the things Heather loves most about traveling is the sense of connection she has built with friends all over the world.

Now Heather has settled in North Seattle, and she is combining her love affair with the photographic lens with her sense of joy and passion for children.  She has spent the last few years honing her craft, taking her images from the documentary style of a travel photographer to the limit of capturing the emotional journey of parenthood.  While she loves capturing the exuberant grins and boisterous energy of childhood, she also finds a quiet power in the calm moments, when the love of a family can be palpably felt, and she celebrates both sides of the family dynamic in her photography.

Heather loves for her clients to have time for calm reflection in addition to whimsical hilarity.


Heather Tristan’s photographic work for humanitarian causes has been featured in several publications including USA Today, and she is passionate about combating global hunger and poverty.  Together, she and her children have supported Worldbuilders, Mercy Corps, World Vision International, and Heifer International through their family’s fundraising non-profit, Tristan Helping Hands, and have helped to raise more than $30,000 for charity through various fundraisers and their YouTube campaigns.


Photography is the Greatest Gift

Heather has devoted her life to serving others as an educator, military spouse, mother, and humanitarian, but she knows that one of the most profound ways to give powerfully is to give the gift of preserved memories.  That’s why Heather feels so strongly about working to capture the most beautiful images possible for you and your family to treasure for generations.